A New Person after a 9-week Agile Coaching Experience

  • Agile is about people, it’s a mindset, it’s a way of being
  • Awareness is number one
  • Listening with the intent to understand is number two
  • Our North Star is to not be needed. We are here to be fully present and totally invisible
  • What options could we take?
  • What do we know now?
  • Who could help with that?
  • What is important about that?
  1. I have levelled up in Coaching, Facilitation and Teaching. I enjoy Coaching sessions far more now as I can see cogs turning in these conversations.
  2. Powerful Questions — this technique has changed many of my conversations. I am no longer afraid of what may come up in a conversation as I am now aware that I do not need to have all the answers. I am there to guide the person to the answer or their next step.
  3. Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters exist to create and hold space. In meetings, Scrum events, conversations, the less you do the better. Our role is to create a space for teams to collaborate to overcome challenges and generate ideas. Anytime we do something, we’re taking an opportunity away from the team to figure things out for themselves. The more we’re involved, they will likely blame us for failures or praise us for successes. We must create space for them to take responsibility and ownership of their work.
  4. The Power of Choice. Commitment and responsibility increase when people are empowered to choose.
  5. Research has proven that psychological safety is a core foundation for high-performing teams. This requires the team to:
  • trust each other
  • share and challenge ideas
  • feel safe to speak without judgement
  • be empowered to take risks to innovate and problem solve
  • share or challenge an idea for fear of judgement
  • take risks to innovate for fear of failure




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