Behaviours are triggered, so dig beneath it

  • Adult Learning needs to be approached in a vastly different way to how we teach our kids
  • Teaching from the back of the room using techniques such as 6 Trumps & Concrete Practice increases retention and ability for adults to learn
  • Building the relationship between Mentee and Mentor is critical for a successful mentorship
  • Dysfunctional Persona’s exist and are all around us. Be aware and respond as you notice them.
  • They key to facilitation is holding space — be fully present and totally invisible, let go of control and detach from the space. Give the group the chance to be great on their own.
  • Design meetings with collaboration and space in mind to be effective. Turn pointless meetings into impactful, exciting sessions full of value. We want people to walk away thinking “Wow, I got so much out of that” over thanking the host for a great meeting.
  • Empathy & Compassion first, tools and processes second — sometimes we need the reminder
  • Curiosity is a Coaches secret weapon




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