Behaviours are triggered, so dig beneath it

2 min readApr 15, 2021


A change in behaviour is a result of a change in environment or circumstance. It’s cause and effect. Awareness is key in the Agile realm.

I am on the 9 week Agile Coaching Lab programme. Having passed the half way mark, the last couple of weeks I’ve learnt many things:

  • Adult Learning needs to be approached in a vastly different way to how we teach our kids
  • Teaching from the back of the room using techniques such as 6 Trumps & Concrete Practice increases retention and ability for adults to learn
  • Building the relationship between Mentee and Mentor is critical for a successful mentorship
  • Dysfunctional Persona’s exist and are all around us. Be aware and respond as you notice them.
  • They key to facilitation is holding space — be fully present and totally invisible, let go of control and detach from the space. Give the group the chance to be great on their own.
  • Design meetings with collaboration and space in mind to be effective. Turn pointless meetings into impactful, exciting sessions full of value. We want people to walk away thinking “Wow, I got so much out of that” over thanking the host for a great meeting.
  • Empathy & Compassion first, tools and processes second — sometimes we need the reminder
  • Curiosity is a Coaches secret weapon

However! The most impactful learning that is changing the way I interact with people is: Behaviours are triggered! Our role as Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches is to be aware when we need to dig deeper.

This has given me a new lens with my colleagues and has changed my conversations over the last week. I recently learnt that no one wakes with the intent to be a pain. If they are being a pain, something is causing it. So don’t react to their behaviours. Be curious, wonder why. Respond with empathy, ask what’s going on, dig deeper and help them through it.

This learning has been a game changer for me.